Steve Barnes' World of Happiness

Walt Mossberg peeks in.

… A long time ago, I was very close to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They both were happy to be bazillionaires, they both were megalomaniacs in certain ways, they could be very unpleasant, but they had some principles. They had a red line. In my encounters with Mark Zuckerberg, I've never been able to discover any principles.

Good to hear from the chap now and then since he's retired. Walt is routinely credited with nothing less than the invention of writing about personal technology for consumers, but I've also found him generally principled, journalistic and good-humoured.

Kara Swisher has struck me as someone who brandishes her opinion on her sleeve and spotlights the concordances or clashes with her interviewees, but Walt is clearly in a comfortable place with his old colleague, and this was a relaxed chat from a pair whose long-spanning study of tech's past informs their views on the future.