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When spelling frightens.

At best, I find spelling mistakes amusing: perhaps conjuring an unintended conversational phrase, or done purposely in humour, irony or humility. At worst, I find them irksome; say, repeated misusage out of negligence. Today, anything you type on is likely to try to correct you – indeed, to overcorrect you – so I don't see an excuse for that.

But, who am I to talk? I have the advantage of always having loved spelling. We'd have spelling homework in first grade, and I recall correcting my classmates' work before the teacher got to it. As with many things, I suppose interest in spelling correllates with skill. I've never known the feeling of disliking spelling: an aversion even to working to improve.

So, this was an interesting post for me: Aaron Moodie on his realization his discomfort about spelling made him hesitate to write his own blog.